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Monounsaturated fat: Richest Foods (per 100g)

Lipids stock energy.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top Monounsaturated fat Rich Foods
312%78ghazelnut oil (100g)
292%73golive oil (100g)
282%71gavocado oil (100g)
253%63gcanola oil (100g)
236%59gmacadamia nuts (100g)
197%49ganimal fat, duck (100g)
186%47ghazelnuts (100g)
185%46gpeanut oil (100g)
180%45ganimal fat, lard (pork) (100g)
176%44groasted pecan nuts (100g)
167%42ganimal fat, beef tallow (100g)
163%41gpecan nuts (100g)
162%41ganimal fat, mutton tallow (100g)
159%40gsesame oil (100g)
156%39gmargarine (100g)
148%37gpalm oil (100g)
135%34groasted almond (100g)
129%32gblanched almond (100g)
124%31gdried almond (100g)
112%28gfat veal (100g)
110%28gcorn oil (100g)
109%27gcashew nuts (100g)
99%25gpeanuts (100g)
98%25gbrazilnuts (100g)
97%24gpistachio (100g)
94%23gbutter, whipped (100g)
91%23gwalnut oil (100g)
91%23gsoybean oil (100g)
90%23gspices, mustard seed, yellow (100g)
86%22gpuff pastry (100g)
84%21gbutter, regular (100g)
84%21gbutter, unsalted (100g)
83%21ghomemade french salad dressing (100g)
81%20gflaxseed oil (100g)
78%20gmayonnaise (100g)
78%20gsunflower oil (100g)
75%19gpine nuts (100g)
75%19gsesame seeds (100g)
74%19gsunflower seed kernels (100g)
74%19gpork, cured, bacon, broiled, pan-fried or roasted (100g)
74%18gchorizo, pork and beef (100g)
73%18gtartar sauce (100g)
73%18gtoasted sesame seeds (100g)
72%18galmond paste (100g)
69%17gsausage, pork and beef, fresh, cooked (100g)
68%17gpork tail (100g)
66%16gpork, cured, breakfast strips, cooked (100g)
65%16gpumpkin seed kernels (100g)
64%16gsweets, baking chocolate, unsweetened, square (100g)
64%16ggrapeseed oil (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Monounsaturated fat Rich Foods
112%28gfat veal (100g)
71%18gmacadamia nuts (30g)
68%17gpork tail (100g)
57%14gfalafel (140g)
56%14gbeef pie (140g)
56%14ghazelnuts (30g)
55%14gavocado (140g)
53%13groasted pecan nuts (30g)
52%13groasted duck (100g)
49%12gpeanuts (50g)
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